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Karen Potter, LMT, Personal Trainer

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Karen Potter, LMT, Personal Trainer

My Story

I have always lived a very active lifestyle. I spent 15 years racing mountain bikes at an elite level, 10 years horseback riding, both competing and teaching, and several years playing basketball.  Having pushed my body a lot, I know the struggles of dealing with injuries and the body issues that result from trying to work through and around injuries, typically known as compensation patterns.  Adding to the stress I put on my body through my physical activities, I was hit by a car while riding my bike 15 years ago. 

Having spent a considerable time dealing with wear and tear and injuries from my activities led me to pursue different healing modalities to help fix my body.  My initial approach to healing was massage.  I found this therapeutic modality to offer both relief and healing.  As I delved into this professionally, constantly seeking to improve my skills, I eventually learned about Biosynchronistics, which has corrected a lot of my misalignment and compensation patterns and hence a lot of chronic pain. I was happy to realize I didn't have to accept that my back or my feet were always going to be in pain. 

A few years ago, I found Functional Patterns training.  It is a way of  exercising that integrates your whole body getting stronger but also fixing it. I had struggled with running since my I had spent so many years riding my bike.  I needed to get muscles firing again in healthier patterns that didn't just let me pedal by bike well.  FP training has helped me connect my body in ways I had no idea it could or should.  It integrates your whole body, working every joint and muscle as intended.  I could now run a sprint and feel like a gazelle.  I feel lighter and more fluid even though I still have lots of things to work on.  I also appreciate that it doesn't cause funky compensations like a lot of traditional type strength training can do.  The longer I practice FP, the more I realize this is a huge piece on my path to good health.