Body Sage Massage

Karen Potter, LMT, Personal Trainer


Body Sage


**Please note, I am not taking new clients at this time**

  • ​Wearing a mask is optional.  If you prefer to wear one and prefer me to wear a mask, please let me know. I do not mind. 
  • If you are experiencing any symptoms of illness or have been in close contact with others who are sick, please reschedule your appointment.  I want to be able to continue to help my clients feel better so I need to stay healthy myself.
  • Cancelation/No-Show Policy:  I know your time is valuable, and mine is as well.  I respectfully ask you be on time and please give 24 hours' notice of cancelation or rescheduling.  Less than 24 hours' notice of cancelation or no-show, will result in a $50 fee for the first offense and the full session fee your are booked for any subsequent occurrence.  Your advanced notice allows time for another person to take that session. 



Myofascial Release /Biosynchronistics®

Myofascial Release Therapy 50 min $90

Myofascial release therapy techniques that free up adhesions caught in the fascia from injuries and compensation patterns to alleviate pain and restore alignment and mobility.

Massage Therapy

Therapeutic Massage 30 min $55, 60 min $90, 90 mins $130

Therapeutic, deep tissue, sports massage, Swedish massage - techniques used are tailored to your specific needs.

Personal Training

Personal Training 60 mins $90

My philosophy in personal training is to look at your individual biomechanics to address areas of dysfunction. Moving better will help you get stronger and reduce the risk of injury. We will focus on corrective movements and core activation to integrate the whole body in every exercise.  

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